Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Dark Eldar Conversion

Hi all,

Today i present my custom build Dark Eldar Hellion Lord Sathonyx.
Because he´s listed in the actual Codex but there´s no Model availiable, i started to convert one of the Hellions out of the Box to this Charactermodel.

I´ve just added some Blades and Skulls at his Glider to let it look more unique and different from the others. The Grenade Launchers were put onto the Glider instead of assembling them under the Wings. Easy but the Glider looks more nasty now.

Sathonyx himself was build from Kabalewarrior parts and a Cloak from my Bitsbox. I choosed the heavy upper Armour because once he WAS a Kabale Warrior till the Day he was exiled. And i think he is proud enough (or still ? ^^) to wear his old Armour. In addition the Armour let him look more like a personality.
Only the arms and legs were taken from the original Kit.

There are only a few Paintings to do till he is finished, but i think in a few hours he will be ready to bring Terror onto the Gamingtable!! Like allways, the Miniature was painted with Vallejo Acrylics and some GW washes.

Hope you like him!

EDIT: Yahoooooo! cracked the "magic" Number of 1000 Hits! ^^

Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

A new Game, a new Project!

A Friend of mine told me about a new Tabletopsystem, released this Year on the "Spiel ´10" in Essen.
It´s named "Guided Lands" and it is a generic Skirmishsystem for Fantasy in 28+ mm.

Guided Lands includes all what you need to play: Complete and easy Rules for Skirmish with Fantasy Miniatures. There is no own Miniature Range because this System offers you the ability to play with any Miniature from your Collection at Home!
More than 20 Pages include the way to convert a Miniature to fit in the Guided Lands Rulesystem.The whole Rulebook includes 100 Pages.
The values of the converted Minis depend on various instances like the heigt of the Figure, the number of weapons, kind of weapons, Equipment, desired peculiarities etc...
With these system you are able to create single Characters or whole units of Miniatures as well.

To check out "Guided Lands" just visit: Guided Lands

I was impressed of this easy System so that i just started to build my own little Battleforce. Fortunately my friend had to offer some older Figures from the "Warmachine" Range, so i started immediately to paint them. Here is a first result:

The first of my 3 "Warwitches" planned for "Guided Lands" Originally this Mini is from the "Cryx" Range of Warmachine and comes with another 2 of them + an flying "Powerstone" (or something simillar). This Unit will bring the magic Power into my Battleforce! ^^
Sorry for the quite bad quality of the Picture. The next pictures will be better!