Black Table Society


The Black Table Society!

What is the BTS?

Well, after many many played Games and lots of Talkings to many Players/Modellers/Painters, we (Iggy, Harael and me) decided to found a kind of "Club".
It is more a community of interests than a existing Club.In case it´s a Bloggroup for Wargamers
We thought that it would be nice to gather a broad Range of Wargamers who share a similliar Philosophy.

We are Gamers. We play because it´s fun and no contest. Sure, winning is nice, but it´s not all!
We prefer Gaming in a comfortable round much more than so called "Elite" Clubs.

We don´t care about existing "Meta Lists" (Armylists which contain only tournament-proved Imba Units ... something like "Killerlists") we even lead Armys into Battle which are assigned to loose automaticly. Hey, so what? we´re playing a GAME! So don´t argue what´s the best Unit to kill XY... just meet and play! When we loose..... we loose! Next Time it will be better! (and we all know: The Gods of Dice are allways against us! ^^ )

We don´t care about "Winnerkiddies" or "pro gamer"..... they can meet at local Gaming stores, bashing theyre (mostly even unpainted or just primed) Miniatures, yelling arround and crying because of "unfair" Rules.... We don´t need them!

We don´t play just one System because it´s so easy to punish the Enemy with it. We allways try different Rules, systems or even experimental Moddings of existing Rules.
We even think that Rules are just "Guides" to play some kind of Game and no real Dogma!
We don´t measure Ranges in micromillimetres or allways use Rulings for our own advantage....

We love modelling....
We love painting...
We love playing with our little "Treasures"
We love to meet other Players

So if you even prefer to having a nice Evening with Players in comfortable rounds and maybe a Glass of Whiskey, rather than staying arround a Table equipped with Laserpointer, calculator and ruler....
then you are invited to join the BTS.

You only have to add the BTS Banner (shown on my Mainpage under the Header) to your Blog or Website to show your Affiliation.

(A Website is under construction.... there will be a List of all Blogs, Websites of the Members, lots of Hobbystuff, useful links etc...)