Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

First Tests with Oilpaints

Today i did my very first brushstrokes with Oils.
All the time i thought there would be something missing on my modells.... the final touch. Now i think, i have found the solution..... some final weatherings with Oils!

still unfinished - but looking more "true"

I used the following Oils: Lukas 8111 "Burnt Umber" and some stitches of Lukas 8109 "Burnt Sienna".

Note that these Churchill is not finished because he was only used for testing surposes. But it will be finished till tomorrow i think.... so lets go to work! ^^


  1. I would like to say: Test passed!
    Looking great so far!

  2. I say test passed as well. The oils are from the firm Lukas..?

  3. Thanks a lot mates! @ Paul: yes, the oils are from Lukas. 3 Euro for 20 ml of oils is more than a good price. 20 ml is enough oilcolour for maaaaany models! ^^

  4. Very good quality of picture !! I use Talens Rembrandt Oil Colour.