Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

A little "Before - After" report....


blank Org´kka Hero

and now after 4 Hours and many many Paintingsteps with a lot of Vallejo Paints:

nearly finished....
 This Mini took more than 4 Hours to paint. As ever, i used acrylics from the Game Colour Range from Vallejo (except some washes from GW).
While painting, this little Figure offerd more and more tiny little Parts to paint. A small horn here, a much smaller Detail there.... 
Now the rest of this commission will be assembled and painted faster. (This Guy is the biggest and heavyiest detailed Figure of the whole Lot) Only 13 Orks left......

back to Work! ^^....


  1. Looks like my Boss after asking him for more money: ;-)
    Again great work!

  2. This Ork looks like your Boss? Thought your Boss looks like Danny Crane! *laughs*

  3. Hey echt tolle Mini und die Bemalung toppt alles. Aber woher stammt den die Miniatur? (von welchem Hersteller?)

  4. Die Mini ist von "Dwarf Tales" aus Polen. Nette kleine Miniaturenschmiede mit eigenem Regelwerk + dazugehöriger Figuren.