Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Horses and Mages.....

Hello everybody!

Started to paint the Horse-mounted Artillery  (see my last Post) No "great art" but good enough for gaming purposes i think.

still W.I.P. 

Further, i started to give my Empire Battle Wizards from GW the first coats of Colour. I will use them in my "Guided Lands" Army. They are W.I.P. too but i think they will be finished today....

The first one...assigned to weak enemy Forces. Note that the Runes on his clothing still are "spacers", they will be replaced by the Runes which will be applyed later.

My Firemage. I think every real Fantasy based Army should have at least one "classic" Fire Mage! ^^ He will be assigned to be one of my best "Damagedealers"

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

More Org`kka and my latest Ebay goodie....

The new Year is 9 Days old and there was nothing new at this little Blog. I was very busy with the commission work for Magabotato. Now, these little violett dudes are nearly finished. Tomorrow i will complete the last finishing worksteps and then they will be send "home".

some of the Guys....still unfinished.....

When they are finally done, they´ll be ready for fotoshooting! ^^

My latest Ebay Goodie arrived yesterday! Some of you might still know the "good old days" of Mercenarys in Warhammer. So you will surely know a Unit called "Bronzinos Galloper Guns".
Very usefull horse-mounted Artillery (and imho the most beautyfull Gun GW ever released)

Original GW Picture

Now, there were 3 Auctions, including one Gun with Limber, Crew etc (only Bronzino himself is missing, but this dosn´t matter because the Guns will be used for "Guided Lands" not for Warhammer) and i won all 3!!!

the whole Lot

All in one, i had to pay just 25 Euro (including shipping) for the whole Lot. Soon they will take place on my workbench for my growing "Guided Lands" Army! ^^

That´s so far.....