Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

More Org`kka and my latest Ebay goodie....

The new Year is 9 Days old and there was nothing new at this little Blog. I was very busy with the commission work for Magabotato. Now, these little violett dudes are nearly finished. Tomorrow i will complete the last finishing worksteps and then they will be send "home".

some of the Guys....still unfinished.....

When they are finally done, they´ll be ready for fotoshooting! ^^

My latest Ebay Goodie arrived yesterday! Some of you might still know the "good old days" of Mercenarys in Warhammer. So you will surely know a Unit called "Bronzinos Galloper Guns".
Very usefull horse-mounted Artillery (and imho the most beautyfull Gun GW ever released)

Original GW Picture

Now, there were 3 Auctions, including one Gun with Limber, Crew etc (only Bronzino himself is missing, but this dosn´t matter because the Guns will be used for "Guided Lands" not for Warhammer) and i won all 3!!!

the whole Lot

All in one, i had to pay just 25 Euro (including shipping) for the whole Lot. Soon they will take place on my workbench for my growing "Guided Lands" Army! ^^

That´s so far.....


  1. The orcs look good but unfortunately the pics of the guns look a bit dark to see your painting. I´m sure it´s good though

  2. öhm..... The Guns are just black! ^^ That´s the condition in which they´re arrived. Just basecoated with black primer. Only the Bases were painted. ^^

  3. Bin ich blöd oder ?? :-)I looked and thought..."they look a bit dark the pictures",
    Stupid comment from me...sorry.