Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

YAY! Did it into a Magazine! ^^

Some Time ago, i had the Pleasure to do a commission for the Germanbased Tabletopmagazine "Tabletop Insider". 
The Task was to paint an Starterbox of "EDEN" Miniatures for an upcoming Battlereport in the Magazine. So they sent us (at this Time i was Member of "Phantasos Studio") the Resistance Starterbox + an extra Miniature.
Now the actual Issue of Tabletop Insider is released and... wow! The Pictures look really great! 

Source: www.brü

Can´t wait to hold the full Magazine in my Hands! 
For me, it was a nice Experience to do comissions for an named Institiution in the german Tabletopscene. The Miniatures from EDEN are high quality casted and also the sculptjob is great! So this was very nice work....

The whole Bunch of the Resistance Minis i painted for Tabletop Insider

That´s all for now Fellows..... Think i will add some Pictures of my favorite Mini of this Paintjob tomorrow. So stay tuned for the Security Bot! ^^

Montag, 12. November 2012

A few Thoughts about "Meta-Painting"...


What's going on today? 

We gotta break away 
We got a problem and 
I think it's going to make us go down

Well, these little Songpassage from Korn is just what i actually have in Mind when i look arround (Hobbybased).

When you search the Web for Videotutorials, "How to"-Articles and Stuff like that you´ll be overloaded with tons of Pics, Videos, Articles etc. Sure, this is awesome, there´s quite no aspect of painting you wouldn´t find. But on the other side we have to take a closer look. 

Through the past years, the Paintingscene made several "evolutional" steps. (Just remember the introducing of smooth Paintingstyles and NMM when Rackham started to promote theyr "Confrontation"-Minis) A few Years later the SENMM appeared massively... etc...etc...

Well, even this kind of Evolution is great BUT: Things are going to take the wrong Way!

There´s a massive Bandwith of real great Artists in the Scene.... for Example the Guys from Massive Voodoo, Chest of Colours etc... also there are many "solo" Artists like Lester Bursley, Laszlo Jakusovszky (just to name two Names...)
These Artists try to share theyr knowledge with all the interested Painters worldwide. But there are also many many selfcalled "Pro Painters" in the web (mostly in Forums or on theyr Blogs, Videos etc) who are taking all this teqniques to let them appear like "the holy Grail" in Painting. Everyone has to Paint miniature X with Colours Y and ONLY with Techniques they explain (mostly bad) in the Web.

Also it seems that everybody is thinking that Technique XY is the only Way to paint. Inexperienced Painters use the Blogs, Videos etc as a kind of "Bible". They all copy what they see and read... and finally they all create clone Armys! They all look the same. ...same Colours..... same Highlights.... same Techniques..... This is what i call "Meta-Painting"

And it is far from everything..... since about 2 Years a new Plague in underway.... Airbrushing! 
Well, i´m a Hobbyist as well, i even use Airbrush, but:

How often you look for an Videotutorial and what you find is a Video named "How to paint XY" and what you see is: airbrush, airbrush, airbrush..... 
Please come on! Airbrushing is practical and is simplyfying Painting, but it´s not PAINTING! You don´t even will print a Miniture by using a Rapidprototyper or Laser and wil call that "SCULPTING a Miniature".

In the most Videos the only thing you´ll see which you can take as a Part of "Painting" is the applying of Washes, Inks etc with a Brush! Rest is sprayed.... Another negative Aspect: now it´s much easyer to create clone Armys! Look arround: Necron Armys: Airbrushed.... Greyknight Armys: Airbrushed and so on.... 
Would be nice if these Videos, Tut´s etc will divided in "Painting XY" and "Airbrushing XY" 
Why? Well because inexperienced Painters will allways try to do what they see.... so Minis will be airbrushed and the remaining Techniques will be real prostyled things like SENMM, Hyperreal blendings, Daylight flourescending Colours and Stuff like that.... So they will never learn about painting an Miniature from beginnig to the end with Brushes and/or simple techniques..they will never learn how to blend colours without an Airbrush  (or even just the "Standards" in Painting...)

would be nice to get more back to basics!

Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Angels Sanguine- Scriptor


after a longer Time without any update or News, here´s something brandnew:

Yesterday i finished the Scriptor for my Angels Sanguine SM Chapter. It´s the real awesome looking Scriptor out of the "Dark Vengeance"-Box.

I only had to add a Jump Pack out of my Sparebox to let him "fit" in my Army. I did´nt cut away the Dark Angel Insignia on his Chest because this could be also a generic Icon used by several Chapters. (and i was too lazy for that too ^^)

To let him look like an Scriptor for the Angels Sanguine i only had to paint his Chorrock in Red/Black. These Colours were painted like i allways do when i paint my Angels... (see the other Articles for that)
The Blue Armour was created by mixing the good old GW Regal Blue 1:1 with Alaitoc Blue. After that i washed the Model with Drakenhof Nightshade and then i started to work the Surfaces out with the basic Mix. Last Step was to apply an very soft Highlight by using Hoeth Blue on the Edges.

Painting the Powerweapon was quite easy.... i started with GW Sotek Green, followed by blendings with Temple Guard Blue. The final Highlights were added with a mix of White and Temple Guard Blue.  

So.... here he is.... 
Hope he will bring psionic punishement upon the foes of the Emperor! ^^

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

painting my Waaaghblades (W.I.P.)

Hello everybody,

do you remember my Waaaghblades (converted Necron Tombblades)... If not, no´s the Article

Today i started to paint the first of them. Only some easy and very soft blendings on the Red, because i will rework the whole surfaces by adding sketches and some dirt.

Colours used so far:

Citadel Mephiston Red
Citadel Evil Sunz Scarlet
Reaper Shadowed Steel (lightened up a little bit with Vallejo Model Air "Steel")
Wash (Metal Parts).: 50/50 Mix GW Badab Black and GW Devlan Mud
Wash (Red Parts): Army Painter soft Tone Wash

more to come, so stay tuned
(and feel free to leave a comment ;) )

Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Sometimes painting is real Joy!

It was great pleasure to build and paint this Model.... why? It was a Birthday Present for a very good Friend.

The Model is painted in the Colours of my Friend´s custom made Space Marine Chapter. (Medium Blue works well with Blue/Grey-ish tones! ^^)

Hope, he will have lots of Fun with this little Beauty! 

Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

Waaagh-Blades (converted Necron Tomb-Blades)^^

Another proof that Orcs can loot everything! ^^

Quick and easy to build.... The only Parts i needed were: Necron Tomb Blades, Orcbiker Body and Legs, Pilot Heads, Pilot Arms (taken from the original Killakopta´s), some Guns, Rockets, Equipment and other "orky" Stuff...

The second one is my favorite so far... a bit more "orky" than the first and ingame i can choose to use him as Kopta with Rockets or Kopta with Mega Blasta ^^

Well, 2 build... one left to build. Then they will be ready to be painted (Red of course! ) ^^

Hope you like them....

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

Tutorial: Angels Sanguine with the new Citadel Colours (Part 1)

Hello Folks and Fellows....

I received some Mails from Painters and Gamers who wanted to know how i did my Angels Sanguine. There are several Tutorials about painting this Chapter in the Web, but all were made while the old Colours were present. So i decided to create a "How to..." Article by using the new Citadel Range.
Today i show you Part 1 of this Tutorial in which i´ll show you how to apply the Red tones.

Colours you will need:

Mephiston Red (Base)
Carroburg Crimson (Shade)
Evil Sunz Scarlet (Layer)
Wild Rider Red (Layer)
Bloodletter (Glaze

optional: Yriel Yellow (Layer)

Step One:
After i primed the Model in white, i applied a Coat of Mephiston Red to the left half of the Miniature. Don´t care if you paint more than accurate and exactly "the half" Miniature, this can be corrected later! After that i covered the whole red Areas with Carroburg Crimson....

Step Two:
When the Shade was dried, i painted all the Armourparts with Evil Sunz Scarlet. I took care to leave some of the darker underground visible in the deep Areas and between Armourplates etc...

Step Three:
Next Step was to highlight the Edges and raised Areas with thin Lines of Wild Rider Red. While you paint this, allways keep in Mind that this Colour appears quite bright while you apply it, but it will darken while drying so the result after all is much less bright!

Step Four:
To refresh the used Colours and also to blend them softly, the painted Parts were glazed with Bloodletter. 

Step Five (optinal! - not required)
If you want, you can refresh some of the Highlights by mixing Wild Rider Red 1:1 with Yriel Yellow. Just highlight the highest Areas and Edges but don´t cover the whole Layer of Wild Rider Red. Apply this Mix by using the side of the Brush rather than the Tip. 

End of Part One...... tomorrow i´ll show you how i paint the black Half and the Armourdetails.
I hope you´ll find this usefull....

so far...Greetings,

Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

First Angels Sanguine painted with the new Colour range

The first Squad painted with the new Colours from Citadel is nearly finished!!!

Painting a smooth and bright Red was never so easy to handle! I purchased a bunch of red tones as recommended on GW´s Website and started to paint..... 

The Red turned out very very well and so i will have to rework all my Angels Sanguine painted so far with the old Range of colours... But next in Row will be attaching the Decals (from and of course the finishing touches on my Sanguine Priest Conversion made out of Gabriel Seth...

Winterdressed Marder II

Hello Folks and Followers...

Today i want to share with you some Pictures of my first Marder II in "Winterdress".

This is one of the excellent Kits from MK72, a real pleasure to build! Very accurate and very detailled. In my oppinion, this is the best Marder II Model availiable. 

To let this little beauty fit to my winterdressed Forces i applied a faded and used white coat. I just drybrushed the Parts of the Model with an Medium and small sized Brusch up and down. First with Vallejo "Offwhite" and Finally with pure "White". Some scratches and streaks of oil and soot were applied later to create a used look.

I´m still undecided in which way i´ll finish the Tracks and the lower Body of the Marder. I´m pending between "wet" Muddy look by using pigmented acrylic paste followed by some gloss Varnish or "Dry" Mud Look by using several Pigments...  

I´m open for every Idea, so if you want... just drop me a Line! ^^

Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Gabriel Seth --> Sanguinius Priest Conversion W.I.P.

Yesterday i started a little Conversion. I found the Body of Gabriel Seth (Chaptermaster of the Flesh Tearers) in my Sparebox. At the same Time some Parts of an Space Marine Apothecary and a Powerfist  fell into my Hands.... so i started to convert the Mini into an Sanguinian Priest for my Angels Sanguine.

Here the Result so far, only the Details of the Paintjob have to be done.....

As you can see the conversions are very easy. Only swapping some Parts and adding some Partshere and there... (the Icon on the Backpack for Example) . Easy but effective....

Montag, 28. Mai 2012

WH40K Chaos Renegade Militia

Hi Folks and Fellows....

Today i want to share with you my first Squad of custom build Chaos Renegade Militias for my WH40K Chaos Project.

To build these Guys i used 2 different Kits from Games Workshop: one Box of WH Fantasy Empire Flaggelants and a Box of WH40K Imperial Guard Cadians.
Because sometimes less is more, I only added the Cadian Weapons and Arms to the Flaggelants to get these chaotic looking Guys.

I decided to use Green/Blue Clothings because i want to use Unit in my upcoming Alpha Legion Army. IMHO the Colours work well in addition to the tanned and bleached Skin i gave them. Finally i only had to add some Chaosicons (Parts of Chaosstars and easy "A´s" for Alpha Legion) to the Shoulderpads.

The Minis are based on Pieces of Cork which create really nice Rockformations. You have only to paint them in a Grey Basetone and after that apply some Pigments to let them look more realistic...

so here they are...

Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Sunday Afternoon´s W.I.P ^^

One Crewman left to go.... after that: Assembly and finishing Touches ^^

something "cold" for hot, sunny Afternoons! ;)

Hi Folks and Fellows.....

after a really long Time of absence, there are many things, that i want to share with you in the next Time....

Today there is something at the Horizon for my WW2 "Wiking" Troops.

If you are actually build up German WW2 Forces, and you are in need of halfway accurate and cheap PzKpfW IV Models then the Models from Plasticsoldier Company are the right Choice! Because of that, i obtained some boxes and started to create lots of different Types of this well known and heavyly used Tank.

Today i want to share with you one of the first winterstyled PzKpfW IV for my "Wiking".

I build this Model straight out of the Box because i want to use this Vehicle in Wargames and not for Displayboards etc. The only Thing i changed was the Commander. I added a hood by using Greenstuff and painted the whole clothing in White to let him look like wearing Winterdress. 

Another 2 of this Tanks waiting now for the Whitewash and the ordered Custom "Wiking" Decals are still underway.... 

This was the first Time i tried to create a whitewashed/ winterwashed look but i think the result is not too bad at all....

Greetz Wiking