Freitag, 29. April 2011

Rust Experiments.....

Today i tested a Method to create rusty surfaces by using Acrylics and Pigments.
I used Vallejo Model Air "Rust" (71080) and some of the nice Vallejo Pigments. (here: Natural Umber and Yellow ochre).
The Result was a nice uneven Rusty Surface. I finally only had to apply some Vallejo Game Color "Orange Fire" (72008) to get bright oxydeous Highlights.

click on the picture to enlarge

To get an contrast i choosed to paint the non Rusted Parts with Vallejo Game Colour "Tinny Tin" (72060) followed by an washing with Citadel´s "Devlan Mud".... now i have to apply an turquoise- green Patina to all the Tincoloured Parts.... 
Then this Model will look like his name is: "Helljack" ( not the archetype and boring Black-Green Pattern which is mostly used to paint Cryx) 


  1. What are you using to apply pigments?

  2. Damn !! Fantastic look !! I like this

  3. Thank you Guys!
    @Heiki: i´m using an old Size 0 Brush to apply the Pigments on the wet Paint.

  4. Looks good to me. The right color, the right texture. Looks like the rust you would find on a car.