Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

To all my followers.....

This is dedicated to all my followers and visitors: I wish all of you a merry christmas and i hope, Santa is going to bring you all you wish and desire!  But also keep in Mind all the people who can´t celebrate Christmas. We´re blessed because we´re able to take time for christmas and for having some Hours and Days with the people we love!
Last but not least, think about our all troops who are in Warzones all over the World.


Additionally i want to thank all of you for visiting and following my little Blog! 
It's been almost a year since my first post, and the result so far has exceeded my  expectations!  most important aspect of publishing my works, was, is and  will be, you the loyal fellows and enthusiastic Tabletoppers and Modellers that have had a great impact on my efforts in 
painting so far!

Hope in the future i can stand your expectations!

so far....

Flo aka Wiking

Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

A little "Before - After" report....


blank Org´kka Hero

and now after 4 Hours and many many Paintingsteps with a lot of Vallejo Paints:

nearly finished....
 This Mini took more than 4 Hours to paint. As ever, i used acrylics from the Game Colour Range from Vallejo (except some washes from GW).
While painting, this little Figure offerd more and more tiny little Parts to paint. A small horn here, a much smaller Detail there.... 
Now the rest of this commission will be assembled and painted faster. (This Guy is the biggest and heavyiest detailed Figure of the whole Lot) Only 13 Orks left......

back to Work! ^^....

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

First Tests with Oilpaints

Today i did my very first brushstrokes with Oils.
All the time i thought there would be something missing on my modells.... the final touch. Now i think, i have found the solution..... some final weatherings with Oils!

still unfinished - but looking more "true"

I used the following Oils: Lukas 8111 "Burnt Umber" and some stitches of Lukas 8109 "Burnt Sienna".

Note that these Churchill is not finished because he was only used for testing surposes. But it will be finished till tomorrow i think.... so lets go to work! ^^

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

First Comissions for Magabotato and some W.I.P

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday i´ve finished the first of a few Miniatures for Magabotato. A so called "Org´kka Hunta" from the Dwarf Tales Miniature range from Poland. The primitive and native look of these Orks is really nice. These Huntas look a little bit like Arctic Innuit and it´s great Fun to paint them in naturally colours. (exxept the violet skin of course! ^^)

Org´kka Hunta

Org´kka Hunta Back

Today i was a little bit lazy and so i just painted a little "Testpaintings" to check out Colourtechniques. I hope, my best friend will forgive me, because i tested new Techniques on his Dark Elf Surpreme Sorceress! ^^

Finally i tested some kinds of layers and glazes on a Orkboy..... I think, all of my Orks now have to repainted because of the good looking Results at the Skin! Damn! ^^

can you say: "smooooooth skin"? ^^