Dienstag, 23. August 2011

My very first ACW Mini.....

Got a Bunch of brandnew 1/72 Minis for ACW..... Louisiana Tiger Zouaven (will be released soon by Toys and More)
Very hard to paint because of theyr unusual (and name-relating) clothes... but i like them much.
Only one is nearly finished yet, the others will follow soon....

Montag, 22. August 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnians (Scandinavian Styled) - The Concept....

Hello to all of my Followers!
Today i want to share with you the Plans (or the Main Concept) of my ongoing new Army Project.

The Knight of Lunge - (Bretonnian Knight Errant)

As i told before, my Bretonnians should look like medieval Scandinavians from the time of the baltic Crussades (arround 11th - 15th century). So they will consist of danish, swedish, norwayian and finnish Knights and Soldiers.
It will not be a "superhistorical" and correct historic looking Army because of two main Reasons:
1: One of the most important Units in the Bretonnian List are the Pegasusknights. I can´t and i will not renounce them.
2: I will "mix" different Timelines due putting together historical Colours and Heraldrys of several historical Persons who don´t lived at the same time.

Here´s the "conversion-list" of the Units i planned and what i want to look them like:

  • Knights Errant - Danish Knights
  • Questing Knights - Norwayian and finnish Knights
  • Grail Knights -  Swedish high nobility
  • Knights of the Realm - Danish high nobility
  • Men at Arms - mainly Danish Marksmen (maybe a second Unit will be raised - then as Swedish Men)
  • Bowmen - "normal" Civillian looking medieval Bowman (Icons will be Danish i think)
  • Maiden - Conversions of Clerics to represent Bishops (Like the Bishop of Tartu etc)
  • Paladin - unassigned yet... maybe Birger Jarl or the Son of King Valdemar
  • King Leoncour - King Valdemar himself
  • Bretonnian Counts - real high nobility of Denmark and Sweden - unassigned yet)
  • Pegasus Knights - well.... i still don´t have a clou... 
That are the planned conversions so far. Later i will add 2 Trebouchets and some Pilgrims with an Grail Relic to the Army... but i think first there is a lot of work to do......

Let me know, what you think about the Project. Or maybe you have one or more ideas?

Greetz Wiking