Montag, 22. August 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnians (Scandinavian Styled) - The Concept....

Hello to all of my Followers!
Today i want to share with you the Plans (or the Main Concept) of my ongoing new Army Project.

The Knight of Lunge - (Bretonnian Knight Errant)

As i told before, my Bretonnians should look like medieval Scandinavians from the time of the baltic Crussades (arround 11th - 15th century). So they will consist of danish, swedish, norwayian and finnish Knights and Soldiers.
It will not be a "superhistorical" and correct historic looking Army because of two main Reasons:
1: One of the most important Units in the Bretonnian List are the Pegasusknights. I can´t and i will not renounce them.
2: I will "mix" different Timelines due putting together historical Colours and Heraldrys of several historical Persons who don´t lived at the same time.

Here´s the "conversion-list" of the Units i planned and what i want to look them like:

  • Knights Errant - Danish Knights
  • Questing Knights - Norwayian and finnish Knights
  • Grail Knights -  Swedish high nobility
  • Knights of the Realm - Danish high nobility
  • Men at Arms - mainly Danish Marksmen (maybe a second Unit will be raised - then as Swedish Men)
  • Bowmen - "normal" Civillian looking medieval Bowman (Icons will be Danish i think)
  • Maiden - Conversions of Clerics to represent Bishops (Like the Bishop of Tartu etc)
  • Paladin - unassigned yet... maybe Birger Jarl or the Son of King Valdemar
  • King Leoncour - King Valdemar himself
  • Bretonnian Counts - real high nobility of Denmark and Sweden - unassigned yet)
  • Pegasus Knights - well.... i still don´t have a clou... 
That are the planned conversions so far. Later i will add 2 Trebouchets and some Pilgrims with an Grail Relic to the Army... but i think first there is a lot of work to do......

Let me know, what you think about the Project. Or maybe you have one or more ideas?

Greetz Wiking


  1. I've been reading your two last post about this knights, and I find a very interesting project you started.
    Looking at the figures I find them very colorfull and very good painted!
    I'm really looking forward to the progress of this project!


  2. Again very nice! I like these bright colours!