Samstag, 20. August 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnians (Scandinavian Styled) - The Beginning...

A few Days ago i finished my commission for Valdemar Miniatures and so there is a little Time for own Projects.
I wanted to start a whole new Army for Warhammer and because actually i have lots of  Stuff (Ospreybooks, Pictures, Weblinks etc) for medieval scandinavian Armys and because i like theyr look (and the beautiful Herdaldics), i decided to create a Bretonnian Army styled as scandinavians (mostly Danish) of the 12/13th century.

After a few testpaintings on single Minis i obtained, i had to wait for my Armybox. The Box arrived last Week and so i started....
First i began to paint the Men-at-Arms:

They are "typical" painted as Danish Marksmen. Simple Red Clothing without any Heraldry on it. Only on the small shields and on the Pavises the Danish Warflag ( "Danebrog" ) was visible. 
The companychampion is slightly converted by using Parts of the Knights Sprue. His Heraldry is different to the Rest of the Unit to let him look like the Knight of Thott (Noble Danish Family in 1283)

Note that the Flag isn´t finished.... i still don´t know if i should use this Flag or if i should replace her by a selfmade Flag..... will decide this later...

Hope you like the first Results....


  1. These look good, but I agree on the flag, you better make your own here!

  2. btw remove the chain from the sword it looks to fantasy style