Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

YAY! Did it into a Magazine! ^^

Some Time ago, i had the Pleasure to do a commission for the Germanbased Tabletopmagazine "Tabletop Insider". 
The Task was to paint an Starterbox of "EDEN" Miniatures for an upcoming Battlereport in the Magazine. So they sent us (at this Time i was Member of "Phantasos Studio") the Resistance Starterbox + an extra Miniature.
Now the actual Issue of Tabletop Insider is released and... wow! The Pictures look really great! 

Source: www.brü

Can´t wait to hold the full Magazine in my Hands! 
For me, it was a nice Experience to do comissions for an named Institiution in the german Tabletopscene. The Miniatures from EDEN are high quality casted and also the sculptjob is great! So this was very nice work....

The whole Bunch of the Resistance Minis i painted for Tabletop Insider

That´s all for now Fellows..... Think i will add some Pictures of my favorite Mini of this Paintjob tomorrow. So stay tuned for the Security Bot! ^^


  1. Herzlichen glückwünsch!!!!
    Paul your last post...what about the new-ish trend..AP? Or as i prefer to call fence creosote.