Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Every given Year.....

Merry Christmas to all of my Followers! Have some really nice hollidays and nice Days with your Family! 

Samstag, 12. November 2011

Winds of Change, new Tasks and lots of Work!

Hi all,

Long Time no see, but i´m allright and was veeery busy!
First i had to take care for my new Job (You can´t live and earn lots of Money only by painting Minis here in Germany.... Taxes, Taxes.... oh i forgot: Taxes! ^^) So it is a good Choice to have a Job for half a Day, so you allways will earn "safe" Money and you have enough Time to finish Comissions etc....

The second Change is that i am no longer Painter for my own! Now i´m Part of the Phantasos Spiele Paintingservice!

From now on, you will see lots of my works here:

But of course first Adress for new Stuff is here! ^^

Well, the first comission for Phantasos is done. Had to paint about 1300 Points of Orks for Warhammer 40K. It was a quite easy and funny Job, because i love Orks! (Proud owner of 3400 Points ^^) 
Here the Video of the finished Job:

You can see some Pictures here:

Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Skaven for Sale!

Today i offer 2 of my painted works from the GW Skaven Range....

For further Infos, Prices etc, just send me an Mail:

(last link wasn´t working...)

New Equipment

It´s time for some new Equipment, so i purchased complete New Airbrush Equipment.

Finetune Excalibur III

I purchased this Spraygun because it´s one of the best in the medium Price sector. Iwata Guns are much more exquisit but even more expensive! I don´t have enough Money to spend it into an Iwata so i choosed this small Baby! ^^ 
It comes with an 0,2 mm nozzle, so i will be able to create even fine Camopatterns on 20mm Scalemodells.

Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Time for Conversions!

Got an High Elf on Griffon these Days. (from The Blood Island Set). Now i decided to convert him into an Brettonian Lord on Hippogriff.

The "To do- List" so far:
1. Resculpt the Griffon (replacing Feathers arround his Neck and Chest by Fur)
2. Convert the Rider (by using an Pegasusknight and some Bits)
3. Remove the back Feet and add Hoofs
4. Remove the Tail and add an Horsetail
5. Filling all the nasty Gaps on the Model

here is a first Picture of the Start.

I resculpted the bill (it´s an Hippogriff and no canary! ^^)  and added long eyebrows. 
I´m not trained in sculpting but i will try to do my very best......

Greetz Wiking

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Samstag, 24. September 2011

1/72 Panzerjäger 1 Ausf. B...... nearly finished

As i posted yesterday, my actual Task is an Italerie (Ex Esci) Kit of the Panzerjäger 1 Ausf. B in 1/72 scale.

Now he is nearly finished.

I added some Stowage out of Resin, 3 Miniatures from SHQ and some Trackparts i found in my Bitsbox.
I replaced the towing Cable from the Kit by the Trackparts because 1: i don´t like the "static" look of the Cable, and 2: i love additional Tracklinks on the Front of those Vehicles! ^^

Colours and Pigments are (as allways) from Vallejo. 

No i will do the last "finishing Touches" ..... some Paint here and there, Flock and Grass for the Base and of course the Decals.....

Freitag, 23. September 2011

On the Bench....... Panzerjäger I Ausf. B

At the Moment i´m very busy to finish all my German Early War Vehicles. Built some of the in the last Days.
Today my Task is the Panzerjäger 1 Ausf. B from Italerie (Ex- Esci Kit)

Added some Welding Lines and some simple Rivets but i don´t want to place all the missing Lines etc. Just the few on the static Turret.
The inside of this Model is modified too, but this will be visible when the Model is finished. I had to cut out some parts to give more space for the 3 Crewmen.

The Crewmen are from SHQ and the additional Stowage is made of Resin. 
The Model is glued and assembled so far, so now i can start to paint it.....

Greetz Wiking

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Inspiration Modellbau - a short Review....

Tom, the Organisator of our small "1/72 Hobby" Area in Mainz
Back from Mainz and again full of Ideas for upcomig Projects etc. It was a great Weekend with tons of Hobbystuff arround and lots of interesting People to meet. Most of the Time i stayed at my Table, showing how i paint Miniatures and Modells for Wargaming, so i only have a few Pictures.

My Friend Michel showing some of his "Secrets" ^^
Another Friend, Sven working on his awesome "Vorpostenboot" (will be shown  in one of the next Posts)

Well ,for me the Painting Competition was a Lesson in Devotion (the awarded Entrys were really impressive and awesome!
So i left Mainz without an Award but with new Contacts and lots of Ideas and much more Inspirations for coming Miniatures and Dioramas! 

Greetz Flo aka Wiking

Montag, 12. September 2011

Hurry up! "Inspiration Modellbau" in mainz is near......

Long Time no news...... it´s because i´m working on my Stuff for the Model Expo in Mainz at the following Weekend.
Still very much to do..... and even my Entrys for the Painting Competition there are still unfinished....
I have to hurry ^^

Here only a small snippet..... and this isn´t the whole Lot......

Greetz Wiking

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

My very first ACW Mini.....

Got a Bunch of brandnew 1/72 Minis for ACW..... Louisiana Tiger Zouaven (will be released soon by Toys and More)
Very hard to paint because of theyr unusual (and name-relating) clothes... but i like them much.
Only one is nearly finished yet, the others will follow soon....

Montag, 22. August 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnians (Scandinavian Styled) - The Concept....

Hello to all of my Followers!
Today i want to share with you the Plans (or the Main Concept) of my ongoing new Army Project.

The Knight of Lunge - (Bretonnian Knight Errant)

As i told before, my Bretonnians should look like medieval Scandinavians from the time of the baltic Crussades (arround 11th - 15th century). So they will consist of danish, swedish, norwayian and finnish Knights and Soldiers.
It will not be a "superhistorical" and correct historic looking Army because of two main Reasons:
1: One of the most important Units in the Bretonnian List are the Pegasusknights. I can´t and i will not renounce them.
2: I will "mix" different Timelines due putting together historical Colours and Heraldrys of several historical Persons who don´t lived at the same time.

Here´s the "conversion-list" of the Units i planned and what i want to look them like:

  • Knights Errant - Danish Knights
  • Questing Knights - Norwayian and finnish Knights
  • Grail Knights -  Swedish high nobility
  • Knights of the Realm - Danish high nobility
  • Men at Arms - mainly Danish Marksmen (maybe a second Unit will be raised - then as Swedish Men)
  • Bowmen - "normal" Civillian looking medieval Bowman (Icons will be Danish i think)
  • Maiden - Conversions of Clerics to represent Bishops (Like the Bishop of Tartu etc)
  • Paladin - unassigned yet... maybe Birger Jarl or the Son of King Valdemar
  • King Leoncour - King Valdemar himself
  • Bretonnian Counts - real high nobility of Denmark and Sweden - unassigned yet)
  • Pegasus Knights - well.... i still don´t have a clou... 
That are the planned conversions so far. Later i will add 2 Trebouchets and some Pilgrims with an Grail Relic to the Army... but i think first there is a lot of work to do......

Let me know, what you think about the Project. Or maybe you have one or more ideas?

Greetz Wiking

Samstag, 20. August 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnians (Scandinavian Styled) - The Beginning...

A few Days ago i finished my commission for Valdemar Miniatures and so there is a little Time for own Projects.
I wanted to start a whole new Army for Warhammer and because actually i have lots of  Stuff (Ospreybooks, Pictures, Weblinks etc) for medieval scandinavian Armys and because i like theyr look (and the beautiful Herdaldics), i decided to create a Bretonnian Army styled as scandinavians (mostly Danish) of the 12/13th century.

After a few testpaintings on single Minis i obtained, i had to wait for my Armybox. The Box arrived last Week and so i started....
First i began to paint the Men-at-Arms:

They are "typical" painted as Danish Marksmen. Simple Red Clothing without any Heraldry on it. Only on the small shields and on the Pavises the Danish Warflag ( "Danebrog" ) was visible. 
The companychampion is slightly converted by using Parts of the Knights Sprue. His Heraldry is different to the Rest of the Unit to let him look like the Knight of Thott (Noble Danish Family in 1283)

Note that the Flag isn´t finished.... i still don´t know if i should use this Flag or if i should replace her by a selfmade Flag..... will decide this later...

Hope you like the first Results....

Freitag, 12. August 2011

Comissions for Valdemar Part 7.....

Hello Followers!

Here is another one if the real beautyfull Knights that i actually paint vor Valdemar Miniaturees.

A Dream in Blue/White but a Nightmare to paint....

Hope you like him....

A nice and happy Weekend to all of you!

Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

leSPW auf UNIC P-107 U-304(f)

My latest addittion to my German Wargamingforces.....

The Model is from ACE (horrible Kit, but the only Plastic Kit of this Vehicle on the Market)
Colours and Pigments (as allways) are from Vallejo

What´s on the Bench??

Just a few impressions of actual and ongoing Works so far.... (Work in Progress.......)

Pegasus Knight (GW 32 mm)... just another Testpainting for my new Brettonian Army....

The Battlesisters have a new Codex.... Now the Focus is much more on the  Priests and Confessors.... so i have to paint a few new of them to lead my Army.... 

Montag, 1. August 2011

New Army started and WikingPaintworks enters Facebook....

Just started my newest Armyproject for Warhammer. I want to create a Brettonian Army but styled as scandinavian Knights from the Time of the baltic Crussades. (maybe with some "splashes" of other Scandinavian Personalitys like Erik Erikson or even King Valdemar because i love theyr Heraldics!)

Started the first Knight..... Name unknown, the only thing i know that he is dated arround 1280

still Work in Progress.....

In addittion to this Blog i decided to create a Facebook Account to share my Projects, Works etc even there.
So feel free to join my FB Site....

Now back to the Knights...... ^^

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Asteroth Conversion

This Mini is a Gift for a good Friend of mine. He will move to another Town and with this Mini for his entire Dark Angels Army he won´t forget me! 
I convertet "Astorath", a charactermodel from GW´s Blood Angels row. 
The wings were replaced by a pair of (much more impressive) Wings of a Dark Eldar scourge and his Axe was replaced by an two-handed Sword out of the Empire General Kit from Warhammer Fantasy.

Finally i only had to paint him in different Greentones to give him an "typical" Look of an Dark Angel Space Marine. I decided to use brighter Greens as usual to seperate him a little from the "normal" Dark Angels.

Well, here he is: "Estiroth - Angel of Disgrace"

I´m sorry but the Pics are quite bad quality (bad Light etc) But i was in hurry.... i hope i will be able to take some better Photos within the next Days....

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

"Betrayer´s Report"

Just a small Dio i finished at the Weekend. It´s showing an Citizen who´s offering Informations (maybe the Times when the Guards change?) to an very interested "Bad Guy" guarded by 2 Men. It´s the second  small piece of my "Fantasy Row". Miniatures are sculpted by Alex K., Groundwork is selfmade from Selitron and the Base is made out of a Picture Frame.

Hope you like it.....

Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Comissions for Valdemar Part 6.....

Another of Valdemar´s beautyfull Knights is finished! I don´t know who thet Knight is, i only have a small Picture of his Heraldic, so if anyone knows who that is, please let me know! ^^

Well....this was the last Comission for this Week......Now it´s time to relax!

So have a nice Weekend Folks! 

Greetz Wiking