Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Inspiration Modellbau - a short Review....

Tom, the Organisator of our small "1/72 Hobby" Area in Mainz
Back from Mainz and again full of Ideas for upcomig Projects etc. It was a great Weekend with tons of Hobbystuff arround and lots of interesting People to meet. Most of the Time i stayed at my Table, showing how i paint Miniatures and Modells for Wargaming, so i only have a few Pictures.

My Friend Michel showing some of his "Secrets" ^^
Another Friend, Sven working on his awesome "Vorpostenboot" (will be shown  in one of the next Posts)

Well ,for me the Painting Competition was a Lesson in Devotion (the awarded Entrys were really impressive and awesome!
So i left Mainz without an Award but with new Contacts and lots of Ideas and much more Inspirations for coming Miniatures and Dioramas! 

Greetz Flo aka Wiking


  1. Nächstes jahr du...ich bin dabei!! Hast du oder Colette was gewonnen??

  2. as i told before... the Competition was a Lesson in Devotion for us. Not a single Award...^^

  3. Nice flag, btw. ;-) I hope that I'll have the time to join this exhibition next time.