Samstag, 12. November 2011

Winds of Change, new Tasks and lots of Work!

Hi all,

Long Time no see, but i´m allright and was veeery busy!
First i had to take care for my new Job (You can´t live and earn lots of Money only by painting Minis here in Germany.... Taxes, Taxes.... oh i forgot: Taxes! ^^) So it is a good Choice to have a Job for half a Day, so you allways will earn "safe" Money and you have enough Time to finish Comissions etc....

The second Change is that i am no longer Painter for my own! Now i´m Part of the Phantasos Spiele Paintingservice!

From now on, you will see lots of my works here:

But of course first Adress for new Stuff is here! ^^

Well, the first comission for Phantasos is done. Had to paint about 1300 Points of Orks for Warhammer 40K. It was a quite easy and funny Job, because i love Orks! (Proud owner of 3400 Points ^^) 
Here the Video of the finished Job:

You can see some Pictures here: