Samstag, 12. November 2011

Winds of Change, new Tasks and lots of Work!

Hi all,

Long Time no see, but i´m allright and was veeery busy!
First i had to take care for my new Job (You can´t live and earn lots of Money only by painting Minis here in Germany.... Taxes, Taxes.... oh i forgot: Taxes! ^^) So it is a good Choice to have a Job for half a Day, so you allways will earn "safe" Money and you have enough Time to finish Comissions etc....

The second Change is that i am no longer Painter for my own! Now i´m Part of the Phantasos Spiele Paintingservice!

From now on, you will see lots of my works here:

But of course first Adress for new Stuff is here! ^^

Well, the first comission for Phantasos is done. Had to paint about 1300 Points of Orks for Warhammer 40K. It was a quite easy and funny Job, because i love Orks! (Proud owner of 3400 Points ^^) 
Here the Video of the finished Job:

You can see some Pictures here:


  1. I was starting to wonder what was happeninig. I´ve just had a look at the prices on the site...the smaller the fig the smaller the price..odd..I find it harder work to paint smaller scales than bigger.
    PS..die Bilder von Colette??

  2. Good to see you are still alive, seen some of your work on Crisis last week!
    I am very happy to hear about your job, seems you are in the rigt way now!
    Hope to see more of your work here, on the forum or even better in real...
    Greetings and also to Colette.

  3. Man, these orcs are ugly, but it seems they always look that way :-D You did a great paintjob on them Florian!

    Good to hear you have a job, actually with the painting, two jobs ;-) Congrats!


  4. Hi there! You can also comment his work on recent projects on our YouTube-Channel. This will help us - and of course the artist - a lot! You can also subscribe to our channel. Please also visit our website and our blog for further informations about our young company. Many thanks, Dominik Cenia (owner of Phantasos Spiele).