Montag, 1. August 2011

New Army started and WikingPaintworks enters Facebook....

Just started my newest Armyproject for Warhammer. I want to create a Brettonian Army but styled as scandinavian Knights from the Time of the baltic Crussades. (maybe with some "splashes" of other Scandinavian Personalitys like Erik Erikson or even King Valdemar because i love theyr Heraldics!)

Started the first Knight..... Name unknown, the only thing i know that he is dated arround 1280

still Work in Progress.....

In addittion to this Blog i decided to create a Facebook Account to share my Projects, Works etc even there.
So feel free to join my FB Site....

Now back to the Knights...... ^^

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  1. Lovely looking fig mate!!!!
    Facebook.?..I´ll join yours if you join mine ;-D