Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Asteroth Conversion

This Mini is a Gift for a good Friend of mine. He will move to another Town and with this Mini for his entire Dark Angels Army he won´t forget me! 
I convertet "Astorath", a charactermodel from GW´s Blood Angels row. 
The wings were replaced by a pair of (much more impressive) Wings of a Dark Eldar scourge and his Axe was replaced by an two-handed Sword out of the Empire General Kit from Warhammer Fantasy.

Finally i only had to paint him in different Greentones to give him an "typical" Look of an Dark Angel Space Marine. I decided to use brighter Greens as usual to seperate him a little from the "normal" Dark Angels.

Well, here he is: "Estiroth - Angel of Disgrace"

I´m sorry but the Pics are quite bad quality (bad Light etc) But i was in hurry.... i hope i will be able to take some better Photos within the next Days....


  1. Not my kind of figure, but again suberb painted!
    My compliments Flo!

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