Samstag, 24. September 2011

1/72 Panzerjäger 1 Ausf. B...... nearly finished

As i posted yesterday, my actual Task is an Italerie (Ex Esci) Kit of the Panzerjäger 1 Ausf. B in 1/72 scale.

Now he is nearly finished.

I added some Stowage out of Resin, 3 Miniatures from SHQ and some Trackparts i found in my Bitsbox.
I replaced the towing Cable from the Kit by the Trackparts because 1: i don´t like the "static" look of the Cable, and 2: i love additional Tracklinks on the Front of those Vehicles! ^^

Colours and Pigments are (as allways) from Vallejo. 

No i will do the last "finishing Touches" ..... some Paint here and there, Flock and Grass for the Base and of course the Decals.....


  1. Great work so far! And that for not being finished :-D

    Got you a question. How do you do the decals? When I do mine, I always see the edges, and have to paint them away. Is there an other way to avoid that?

    PS: did you find the information about the British LRDG I posted on Benno's?