Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

Winterdressed Marder II

Hello Folks and Followers...

Today i want to share with you some Pictures of my first Marder II in "Winterdress".

This is one of the excellent Kits from MK72, a real pleasure to build! Very accurate and very detailled. In my oppinion, this is the best Marder II Model availiable. 

To let this little beauty fit to my winterdressed Forces i applied a faded and used white coat. I just drybrushed the Parts of the Model with an Medium and small sized Brusch up and down. First with Vallejo "Offwhite" and Finally with pure "White". Some scratches and streaks of oil and soot were applied later to create a used look.

I´m still undecided in which way i´ll finish the Tracks and the lower Body of the Marder. I´m pending between "wet" Muddy look by using pigmented acrylic paste followed by some gloss Varnish or "Dry" Mud Look by using several Pigments...  

I´m open for every Idea, so if you want... just drop me a Line! ^^

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