Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Time for Conversions!

Got an High Elf on Griffon these Days. (from The Blood Island Set). Now i decided to convert him into an Brettonian Lord on Hippogriff.

The "To do- List" so far:
1. Resculpt the Griffon (replacing Feathers arround his Neck and Chest by Fur)
2. Convert the Rider (by using an Pegasusknight and some Bits)
3. Remove the back Feet and add Hoofs
4. Remove the Tail and add an Horsetail
5. Filling all the nasty Gaps on the Model

here is a first Picture of the Start.

I resculpted the bill (it´s an Hippogriff and no canary! ^^)  and added long eyebrows. 
I´m not trained in sculpting but i will try to do my very best......

Greetz Wiking

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