Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

First Comissions for Magabotato and some W.I.P

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday i´ve finished the first of a few Miniatures for Magabotato. A so called "Org´kka Hunta" from the Dwarf Tales Miniature range from Poland. The primitive and native look of these Orks is really nice. These Huntas look a little bit like Arctic Innuit and it´s great Fun to paint them in naturally colours. (exxept the violet skin of course! ^^)

Org´kka Hunta

Org´kka Hunta Back

Today i was a little bit lazy and so i just painted a little "Testpaintings" to check out Colourtechniques. I hope, my best friend will forgive me, because i tested new Techniques on his Dark Elf Surpreme Sorceress! ^^

Finally i tested some kinds of layers and glazes on a Orkboy..... I think, all of my Orks now have to repainted because of the good looking Results at the Skin! Damn! ^^

can you say: "smooooooth skin"? ^^


  1. Great work mate!!
    Keep on posting!!

  2. Again I have to say: Great work!I will watch out for the first one at Magabotato!

  3. I really like the Orc, you've done an excellent job on the stitching and the shading. I'm no expert but I really like your choice of colours too.

    I completely agree with your blog description comment "There´s no right way to paint miniatures, there´s only yours....." I only wish more people would adopt that approach so that we saw a greater variety of differently painted armies on the battlefield.

    I'm following your blog now, keep on posting and thanks for sharing.

    Oh and one other thing the miniature photography is very good. It's great to be able to open the picture greatly enlarge in a new window so you can see all the fine detail.

    Nice work, "I'll be back",

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