Montag, 28. Mai 2012

WH40K Chaos Renegade Militia

Hi Folks and Fellows....

Today i want to share with you my first Squad of custom build Chaos Renegade Militias for my WH40K Chaos Project.

To build these Guys i used 2 different Kits from Games Workshop: one Box of WH Fantasy Empire Flaggelants and a Box of WH40K Imperial Guard Cadians.
Because sometimes less is more, I only added the Cadian Weapons and Arms to the Flaggelants to get these chaotic looking Guys.

I decided to use Green/Blue Clothings because i want to use Unit in my upcoming Alpha Legion Army. IMHO the Colours work well in addition to the tanned and bleached Skin i gave them. Finally i only had to add some Chaosicons (Parts of Chaosstars and easy "A´s" for Alpha Legion) to the Shoulderpads.

The Minis are based on Pieces of Cork which create really nice Rockformations. You have only to paint them in a Grey Basetone and after that apply some Pigments to let them look more realistic...

so here they are...

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