Sonntag, 3. April 2011

Modell Expo Heiden - the Results!

Hello everybody!

Yesterday was my own personel "D-Day": Painting Competition at the Modell Expo Heiden.
If you participate the Competition you will get an honourfull List of competitors like Thomas Willers, Michel Vogt etc...

I Did it!!!! Yeeeehaaaaaaaa!!

I was lucky to obtain 3 Awards at a Time! (this is a Picture of my home Showcase, note that the 2 little Trophys are the second Place at the DuZi 2009 and the 3rd Place at DuZi 2010)
Here the single Results:

Category: Single Figure historical, 1/72 Scale - Standard = BRONZE!!!

Category: Single Figure historical, 1/72 Scale - Master = SILVER!!!

Category: Single Figure historical, 1/72 Scale - Master = GOLD!!!

3 Awards out of 2 Categorys! I´m very surprised (and happy!!!)
I would like to thank Michel Vogt for some of  the Figures and Sockets he had donated. I want to thank all my tutors for teaching and advising and last but not least all of you, my followers for your support and for the Feeling you give to me: The Feeling to do it just right!!
Thank You!


  1. Congrats on the wins :-D Sorry i didn´t say and Konrad left about 2.30 but couldn´t find many people to say tchuss to.
    See you at the DUZI

  2. Congrats Wiking! Great work and you got what you deserved....:-)

  3. Congrats :-D
    That first figure looks familiar (Michel?) ;-)

  4. A little late, but I was ill ;-)
    Congratulations for your Hattrick!
    Great work!

  5. Прекрасно.Особенно изображение девушки."Пир во время чумы"