Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Why there´s nothing new at the moment......

Well... there are only 2 Weeks left till the "Modell Expo" in Heiden (Saturday, 2th ) and i will participate the Painting Contest in 2 Categorys.
So, actually i am very busy to finish my Entrys.

For sure, after the competition i will show the Miniatures here, but i never show up Contestworks before the Competition starts! (i´m a little bit superstitious with this)
For the first Time, my Entrys will be, without exception, all 1/72 scale Figures.
I got a very very beautifull sculpted Miniature from my "Partner" Michel
 (you can see his really beautyfull works at
 the Link on the upper right Side of my Blog) and this little Mini will be my "Main Entry" at the
 Single Figure Category.
I hope to obtain one of the Medals.....

But we will see....


  1. Aha!!! Du kennst der Michel....
    I will more than likely be at Heiden myself...Bis dann :-D

  2. You´ll be in Heiden? Nice Chance to meet! Look out for the ugly Guy on the Photo above! :-D And Yes! I Know Michel, i support some of his Dioramas by painting Miniatures for him. For example: the camouflaged Soldiers on his "Maschinenkrieger-Diorama".

  3. did those :-D I thought it was a bit out of Michels usual medievals.
    Be seeing you :-D

  4. Good luck! I hope you will win this contest. I´m eager to see your entry!