Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

Coming up: Battle Report Eldar Vs Dark Eldar

Tomorrow i will share with you the Battle Report of the Warhammer 40K match i´ve played tonight against Harael.
It was a small Match, only about 750 Points, and after 5 Turns it was over.
Now i have to prepare the Report and the Pictures, so you can enjoy the whole Results tomorrow!
Only one Picture as appetizer is all i offer today! ^^

The dark Eldar try hard to get Controll

It was funny and relaxing (as allways when Harael and me meet to clash) and the Result surprised me much! But more tomorrow......

so stay tuned......


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  2. Once again this has been a very interesting, informative, funny and relaxing match.
    As always there were a few supprises.
    As any Runeprophet knows the trails of fate are hard to predict...

  3. I´m awaiting the report eagerly!

  4. Poste bitte auch mal die Armeeliste.