Freitag, 8. April 2011

Battle Report Eldar vs Dark Eldar - 750 Points (Part 1)

As i promised yesterday..... here is the Report of the Yesterdays Match between Harael and me.
We played a Annihilation Scenario with 750 Points each.
First the "Line Up": (because i dont know every english Word or Translation, the Lists are partially in German Language)
Note that you can click the Pictures to get a larger View!


1 HQ

-Runen derVorhersehung
-Runen der Klarheit
----------------- 103 Points

3 Runenleser
- 3x Runenspeer
- 1x Flammen der Wut
- 1x Stählerne Entschlossenheit
- 1x Khaines Segen
------------------114 Points

2 Standard

5 Asuryans Jäger
- Exarch
- 2 Jagdkatapulte
- Shurikensturm
------------------92 Points

10 Gardisten
- 1 Laserlanze
+ Serpent
  - Seelenstein
-------------------255 Punkte

1 Unterstützung

3 Kampfläufer
- 1x Raketenwerfer
- 5x Impulslaser

Total Points: 749

Dark Eldar:
1 HQ

- 1x Staubklinge
- Kampfdrogen
- Schattenfeld
--------------------135 Points

2 Standard

10 Kabalenkrieger
- 1x Schattenkatapult
- 1x Splitterkanone
+ Schattenbarke
  - Nachtfeld
-------------------185 Points

9 Hagashin
- 1x Hydraklingen
- Impulsminen
+ Schattenbarke
  - Nachtfeld
--------------------188 Points

1 Sturm

5 Hyemshin
- 1x Hitzelanze
--------------------122 Points

1 Unterstützung

1 Schattenjäger
- 3x Schattenlanze
- Nachtfeld
--------------------115 Points

Total Points: 745 

The Eldar hat the first Turn (i missed to test if i could steal the Initiative.....) So the Battle started...
The Eldar Serpent moved forward in a better Fireposition, but missed the targeted Raider. The Warwalkers unleashed a Storm of Scatterlasers and blasted my first Raider. The Passengers (Kabalitewarrior) now had to walk.... (Note that i changed the two Raiders because a better look on the Photos. On this Picture the Painted Raider is blasted. On later Pictures you will see this Raider again ^^)
The Eldar Guards and the HQ just moved forward. The Guards tried to shoot down the other Raider but missed it.. Harael ended his Turn and the Result so far was 1:0 for the Eldar.

Now it was my Turn. First i moved the Ravager and my Hyemshin to fight the Serpent. The Ravager shot the Tank down and the boarded Avengers had to bail out. They just came into the Line of Fire from my Hyemshin...... but only one Avanger died! 
My second Raider moved fast and straight on the right Side of the Battlefield to get in a better Position to unload the waiting Archon and his Fellows, the Hagashin. Because the Raider boosted forward, the Passengers were not able to come out.
My Kabalite Warriors walked and ran to the next availiable Piece of Cover, unable to do more this Turn.
So i ended my Turn and the further result was 1:1.

To be continued......

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  1. Sehr gut. Mir gefallen die Bilder mit den Pfeilen und so. Werde ich vielleicht übernehmen ;)