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Battle Report Eldar vs Dark Eldar - 750 Points (Part 2)

Hello all!
As i promised, now the second Part of the Report:

Turn 2:
Haraels Warwalker Squadron turned arround and fired at the Raider on his right Flank. What should i say? The Result was horrible... too much Scatterlasers and a Rocket are definetely too much for the weak Armour. The Raider was destroyed and the Archon and his Hagashin had to bail out.
The Guards came near to support the Walkers. The Eldar HQ moved to support the Avengers.

On the other Side of the Table the Dire Avenger fired at my Hyemshin, using theyr Ability "Shurikenstorm". 3 of 5 Hyemshin were knocked Out and the remaining 2 failed theyr Moraletest and went away.

Harael ended his Turn, Result so far: 2:1 for the Eldar.

Now i started my Turn. But first i lost my Hyemshin (under half the Unitsize, so they left the Battlefield.. new Result 3:1 for the Eldar)
Now there was not much left to command, so i moved the Ravager closer to the Warwalkers (a fatal failure as you will see) and my Hagashin moved and charged the Guards and the Walkers.

The Combat wasn´t effective, and i was only able to terminate the half Guardsquad. My Kabalitewarriors tryed to run into the Action  but without much success.

Turn 3:
Harael moved his HQ in combatrange to my Ravager and by using theyr Hagun Zars my Ravager turned into ashes.

Haraels Guards tryed to kill my Hagashin but they had to realise how fantastic a 4+ CC saver is! ^^
The Avengers went into the small Tower and the HQ reformated under the Tower.
Result 4:1 for the Eldar

I started my Turn trying to get my Kabalites in the right position to fight Haraels HQ, but these little Bastards were well covered under the Tower. So i continued the close Combat. I splitted the Hagashins and the Archons Attacks so that i were able to fight the Guards with my HQ and the Walkers with the Impulsmines  of the Hagashin. The Archon did well and killed nearly the rest of the Guards (only one single Guard left). The Hagashin were not so effective and so only one Walker was destroyed. so after this, the further Result was still 4:1 

the last Turns and a Surprise will be shown in the last Part of the Report.
But first a little Picture for all the "only Miniatures- Follower" of my Blog! ^^
The first Testpainting of an Cäsar Ork (more Orks will be shown soon... much more orks!! ^^)

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