Montag, 11. April 2011

A little bit of W.I.P. for "Guided Lands"

Today i was a little bit lazy and so i did not worked on commissions. Instead i grabbed my mounted imperial General from Warhammer to give him some Colour.
It´s a beautifull, nice sculpted Miniature in a very dynamic Pose, just right to be the Leader of my Forces for "Guided Lands" (Remember: i am up to build an Army such like the Imperium of Warhammer)

I decided to use darker Colours instead of the mostly used bright ones. For the Instance i washed the Horsearmour with a Mix of different Inks to let it look more realistic and "used". 
The Saddlecloth will remain Black and Grey. This will help to draw the Focus on the Rider. 
There´s still a lot to paint on this little Beauty. Think i finished only 40% yet. 

As you can see there is still a lot of Work to do now..... More Pictures of this and some other Minis for Guided Lands will shown up in the next few Days....

Hope you like it....


  1. Looking great so far. Is this one of GW latest figures?

  2. Nice work on the horse! I like it...

  3. Thanks a lot!
    @Guidowg: Yes, this is the current Warhammer Fantasy Mounted General of the Empire. A great Kit with lots of options to build.

  4. A very nice horse and a good pose.