Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

Waaagh-Blades (converted Necron Tomb-Blades)^^

Another proof that Orcs can loot everything! ^^

Quick and easy to build.... The only Parts i needed were: Necron Tomb Blades, Orcbiker Body and Legs, Pilot Heads, Pilot Arms (taken from the original Killakopta´s), some Guns, Rockets, Equipment and other "orky" Stuff...

The second one is my favorite so far... a bit more "orky" than the first and ingame i can choose to use him as Kopta with Rockets or Kopta with Mega Blasta ^^

Well, 2 build... one left to build. Then they will be ready to be painted (Red of course! ) ^^

Hope you like them....