Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

something "cold" for hot, sunny Afternoons! ;)

Hi Folks and Fellows.....

after a really long Time of absence, there are many things, that i want to share with you in the next Time....

Today there is something at the Horizon for my WW2 "Wiking" Troops.

If you are actually build up German WW2 Forces, and you are in need of halfway accurate and cheap PzKpfW IV Models then the Models from Plasticsoldier Company are the right Choice! Because of that, i obtained some boxes and started to create lots of different Types of this well known and heavyly used Tank.

Today i want to share with you one of the first winterstyled PzKpfW IV for my "Wiking".

I build this Model straight out of the Box because i want to use this Vehicle in Wargames and not for Displayboards etc. The only Thing i changed was the Commander. I added a hood by using Greenstuff and painted the whole clothing in White to let him look like wearing Winterdress. 

Another 2 of this Tanks waiting now for the Whitewash and the ordered Custom "Wiking" Decals are still underway.... 

This was the first Time i tried to create a whitewashed/ winterwashed look but i think the result is not too bad at all....

Greetz Wiking

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  1. Nice work..and´ve been absent for one loooooooooooong time..good to see you back.