Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

Tutorial: Angels Sanguine with the new Citadel Colours (Part 1)

Hello Folks and Fellows....

I received some Mails from Painters and Gamers who wanted to know how i did my Angels Sanguine. There are several Tutorials about painting this Chapter in the Web, but all were made while the old Colours were present. So i decided to create a "How to..." Article by using the new Citadel Range.
Today i show you Part 1 of this Tutorial in which i´ll show you how to apply the Red tones.

Colours you will need:

Mephiston Red (Base)
Carroburg Crimson (Shade)
Evil Sunz Scarlet (Layer)
Wild Rider Red (Layer)
Bloodletter (Glaze

optional: Yriel Yellow (Layer)

Step One:
After i primed the Model in white, i applied a Coat of Mephiston Red to the left half of the Miniature. Don´t care if you paint more than accurate and exactly "the half" Miniature, this can be corrected later! After that i covered the whole red Areas with Carroburg Crimson....

Step Two:
When the Shade was dried, i painted all the Armourparts with Evil Sunz Scarlet. I took care to leave some of the darker underground visible in the deep Areas and between Armourplates etc...

Step Three:
Next Step was to highlight the Edges and raised Areas with thin Lines of Wild Rider Red. While you paint this, allways keep in Mind that this Colour appears quite bright while you apply it, but it will darken while drying so the result after all is much less bright!

Step Four:
To refresh the used Colours and also to blend them softly, the painted Parts were glazed with Bloodletter. 

Step Five (optinal! - not required)
If you want, you can refresh some of the Highlights by mixing Wild Rider Red 1:1 with Yriel Yellow. Just highlight the highest Areas and Edges but don´t cover the whole Layer of Wild Rider Red. Apply this Mix by using the side of the Brush rather than the Tip. 

End of Part One...... tomorrow i´ll show you how i paint the black Half and the Armourdetails.
I hope you´ll find this usefull....

so far...Greetings,


  1. Great step by step tutorial you have there, it's encouraged me to paint up some of these marines.
    Looking forward to part 2.

  2. Thank you very much! Part Two will follow within Monday or Tuesday...(there were some different Projects and Comissions to do first.... I´m really sorry!)