Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

40K..."very British" ^^

Today´s the last of the celebrating Days of Christmas in Germany, so it´s time to "warm up" my Fingers for coming Paintjobs after the 3 Days of celebrating and lazyness.

For this instance, i decided to give one of my Warhammer 40K imperial Officers a "british" look. I truly love the colors of the british Uniforms of world war 2, so it was great fun to paint this little guy.

"God safe the Quee...öhm...Emperor!" ^^

As allways when i paint british uniforms, i used Vallejos "70921 English Uniform" for the Clothing, applied some washing with GW´s "Devlan Mud" and finally added Layers of English Uniform and a final Mix of it with Vallejos "72039 Plague Brown" to highlight the whole clothing. The Armourplates were painted with Vallejo "70924 Russian Uniform" and the Webbing was painted with "70988 Khaki"

Now i only have to apply some fictive Unit insignias on the shoulderpads. I think small Insignias in Red/Blue will work well. 
Maybe i will start a whole 40K Imperial Army in "british" Style, but first there are too many other projects to finish. (and i don´t know an facturer who offers seperate Heads in 28mm with typical british Helmets.)

Thats all for today....

Greetz Wiking


  1. Very good. The uniform colour has come out just right. Excellent

  2. Sehr, sehr gut, gefällt.

    MFG MorgulPiselbeiza

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  3. I did this with heads from Westwind productions

  4. Thumbs up. I really love this guy!

  5. Great paint work.The uniform colour is spot on.