Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Repainting the first Sentinel

Hello all,

today i want to share with you the first impressions of my ongoing "repainting" works on some Imperial Guard Miniatures for WH40K which i got from a Friend of mine last Week. He had no further need for them so i was lucky to obtain them because i want to build a little Army of Imperial Guards as support for my Sororitas in WH40K.

First i decided to paint the Sentinel in "british" Colours of WW2. I painted the whole Model in "Russian Uniform" from Vallejo and gave it a wash wit GW´s "Devlan Mud before i brushed it with Russian Uniform again. After this i applied a very soft brushing with Vallejos "Middlestone" all over the Model to light it up. For the Edges and Highlights i used Vallejos "Green Grey" applied in thin lines.After this  the Model was particular washed with thinned Devlan Mud (Ratio 1 Part destilled Water, 1 Part Isopropanol 70% and 2 Parts Devlan Mud)

The stitchings and chippings were be brought onto the Model by using Vallejos "German Blackbrown" highlighted with "Green Grey"

Next Steps to do:
Finish the Metal parts, aging the Weapon and Legs, final Detail works on Aquillas, Lights etc... and finally the Base.

Hope you like it....

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  1. I like it! Seems that I start my own 40k army soon and you give nice input for painting ideas!