Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Comissions for Valdemar Part 2....

Another Mini is nearly finished.... This Time, it is an Danish Knight (See the Danish Warflag - White Cross on Red Ground).
He´s not finished at all. I have to rework the Cross on the Shield. It´s not accurate and straight, so i have to correct it a little bit. And i´m not happy with the Results at the Helmet so far. Think i will have to add some Steeltones...


  1. Consistency, that's what it makes you a great painter mate!
    Good luck with the fig (IMO your painting so far is simply great, no need to do sth more, but you know better...)

  2. Again simply beautiful! I especially like the way you paint the leather!

    Aber was anderes: Melde Dich doch mal....Du weist schon, warum ;-)