Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

The big 4 - the Day after....

Yesterday i went to Gelsenkirchen to see some living Legends and Heroes of my Youth...

It was amazing!!! I still can´t speak and my Neck is immobile (and of course there is a bad headache because there was loooots of Beer! ^^)
For a few Hours there was 1991 in the Gelsenkirchen Arena! Nearly all Tracks played by Metallica were from "the good old Days" ....  

This was definetely one of the best Concerts i´ve ever seen.......


  1. I'm really jealous of you at the moment, I'd love to see the kings of Thrash Metal myself.

    Did Slayer perform well? I heard their live gigs are not as good as their recordings.

  2. Slayer and Metallica were AWESOME!!!

  3. Ist schon ewig her, das ich die vier gesehen habe. Ich freu mich auf Dez. Da kommen Iceth Earth nach Köln. Mal sehen ob vorher noch was gutes kommt.