Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

Skaven Plagueclaw Catapult

At least finished......
It took me 3 Days to finish this little Warmachine. (Pre- assembly, Painting single Parts, Fit-check, Drying times etc...)
But..... it´s finished!

I decided to apply some Pigments because the look is even better! I like it to give my Wargamingunits a little bit of "Realism" by using Pigments.....

As you can see, the Pigments (Vallejo) work well on the Model. Even the wooden Parts are brushed with some beige/brown Pigments to smooth the Surface down a little bit. 
Most impressive Results are possible for Rusty Effects or Soot....

Hope you like it.... (my Enemies will hate it! ^^)


  1. Very nice work, you make me want to add one to my Skaven forces too.

  2. That's an awesome piece of work.

  3. Nettes Seuchenkatapult mach mal weiter so.
    Ich freu mich immer mal was neues von dir zu sehen.

    Gruß, der Blutvogt