Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Bioshock-styled Dark Eldar Cronos Parasite Engine (W.I.P.)

At the moment, i´m very busy , painting Commissions for Valdemar. I have no "Deadline" but i want to finish the Minis as fast as possible. (further Pictures will follow within the next Days)
When i´m painting Stuff like this the whole Day i need some different "Brushstrokes" in the Evening.

Well, the following is one of these "different" Things i do actually.....
One Week ago i bought Reinforcements for my Dark Eldar Forces in form of a Talos Pain/ Cronos Parasite Engine. I love this Kit because of it´s weyrd and really disturbing Look. This Engine seems to come out straight of some morbid Nightmares...... That´s the Way i like! ^^

Well..... Bioshock is nearly the same kind of Disturbing Design. Additionally, it "works" with a great Choice of  cold and dark Colours to raise the Effect of Fear.

That´s why i decided to paint my Engine "Bioshock-styled" . Means: i try to use darkgreen and Turquoisetones as Maincolours and further Browns and Orangetones for Corrosion. The whole Look will be rounded up by Brass and Copper for the Metalparts. 

Contrasting to this dark colours i will try to apply some very shiny sourcelights in White/Blue, Green or Orange.

Now, here´s the first Pic. As you can see, i assembled the Arms of the Talos instead the Cronos´s Tentaclearms. I started to apply the first scratches, Chippings and weathered/altered Areas.....
Still a lot of Work but i think i´m not to far away from my conceptional Idea......

Greetz Wiking


  1. Looks very good so far. I like the colour's you have used.

  2. Great Stuff, Wiking!
    BTW: Du wirst im B.O. Forum vermisst...Vielleicht magst Du ja mal ein Lebenszeichen geben?
    Gute Woche