Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Comissions for Valdemar Part 3.....

Here some Photos of actual Works for Valdemar....

I´m not really glad with the Heraldic on the Shield. It was difficult because the Leatherbelt is laying on the Front of the Shield.... 

Well, this Heraldic was easyer to do.... 

Last but not least, another Danish Marksmen. I only added a few scratches to the shield because it looked "naked" with only the danish Warcross on it.

Hope you like them....

to be continued.........


  1. Quite nice paintjobs overall, my favourite one is the last knight.

    The freehand on the first guy's shield came out quite well, although the belt obscures the most important part. Keep on!

  2. They look very good, all three of them! If I have to pick a favorite, I'll choose the second one. Nice pose and the freehand painted shield is just wonderfull!

    Great work Florian! Can't wait to see the next ones!


  3. I agree with Peter, they do all look very good.
    But, I prefer the Dane fellow!