Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

SM Drop Pod (W.I.P.)

Some of you might remember, that i´m going to paint a Space Marine Army for one of my best friends. Nearly 2000 Points of Space Marines waiting for Colour! ^^
Now, his ordered Drop Pods arrived and so i started to paint the first of 3 Pods....

The Coloursceme is custommade. We decided to use medium Grey/White tones with Blue Contrasts. Citadel´s "Astronomican Grey" with a wash of "Gryphone Sepia" and a light Drybrush with Vallejos "Dead White" work well together. Later there were applyed further strokes of the Wash and finally i added some Chipping. First i painted irregular Stains with Vallejos "Dead White" which were filled afterwards with Vallejos "German Camo Dark Brown" to create the look of old Metal underneath the Grey/White paint. 
Adding stains and sketches to the Blue parts will be applied next (after finishing the blendings to lighter Blue on them.

Here you can see the first Works on the Interiour of the Pod. I wanted to go on with the "used" Look even inside of the Pod and so i added silver spots with a small sponge to the Metal (painted with Vallejos "Gunmetal" and a wash of Vallejos "Smoke" and "Black Shade") by using Vallejo "Plata Silver".
The Black/Yellow Areas were weathered the same way like the Pylon shown above, but with Silver as the first Colour of the Stains instead of White. 

Last but not least, a Picture of the Progress at the Hull of the Pod...... 
Much Work to do....... (and there are another 2 Pods waiting.....)

Greetz Wiking

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  1. That's a bracing new colour scheme, I think it will look great on the tactical marines and the other infantry, too.

    The battle damage and light weathering on the pod looks good so far.