Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Tutorial: Paint a Mauridian Starship (Part 1 of 2)

After many People asked me, how i paint my "MDS-Camouflage" (MDS= Mauridian Deep Space) i decided to make a small Tutorial about that.

Ven´Tara Class Carrier

But first: Who the Hell are the Mairidians???
Well, the Mauridian Star Empire is a fictional Race from "Cold Navy" - a Background Universe for Sci-Fi Wargaming but without own Rules. They have some nice Fluff for the wonderfull Starships from "Ravenstar Studios"

Mauridian Banner

Now the Facts:
I choosed a Model of a "Ven`Tara Class-Carrier" and the following Colours:

  1. VMC 70891 - Intermediate Green
  2. VMC 70995 - German Grey
  3. VMC 70870 - Medium Sea Grey
  4. VMC 70836 - London Grey
  5. VMC 70816 - Luftwaffe Uniform WWII
  6. VMC 70951 - White (not on the Picture)
  7. VMC 70950 - Black (not on the Picture)
  8. VGC 72019 - Night Blue
  9. VGC 72021 - Magic Blue
  10. VGC 72005 - Moon Yellow
  11. Citadel Foundation - Astronomican Grey
  12. Citadel Foundation - Iyanden Darksun
  13. Games Workshop - Dark Angels Green
  14. Games Workshop - Scorpion Green (not on the Picture)
  15. Citadel Washes - Badab Black

The whole Model was primed white and got a Coat of "London Grey"


After the first Layer is dried, i gave the Model a wash with "Badab Black" to give more Depth to the deeper Areas.


I drybrushed the Model in 3 Steps: first a heavy Drybrush with "London Grey", then a brush with a 1:1 Mix of "London Grey" and "Medium Sea Grey", and finally a light Drybrush with pure "Medium Sea Grey" to highlight the Edges.
After That i added some shadows by using "German Grey".


"Night Blue" was mixed with "Magic Blue" (Ratio 3:1) to paint the big Blue Patches of the Pattern. Note that the frontedges are irregular shaped but the rear Edges are straight!


The Front edges of the Pattern now were lined with "Astronomican Grey" (first i mentioned to try White, but the Results were "too" bright and looked not harmonic)


After this i added Linings by using a Mix of "Luftwaffe Uniform WWII" with "German Grey" (Ratio 3:1) at the rear edges of the Pattern.


Windows, Hatches , Figther hangars etc were painted in following Order:
  1. German Grey
  2. Dark Angels Green (down from 1/3 of the Area)
  3. Intermediate Green (down the last 2/3 of the Area)
  4. Scorpion Green (last Highlight at the lower Edges of the Area) if this is too dark, mix some White to the Green
  5. White to set a reflectionpoint to the upper left of the Area


Typical Mauridian Insignias were applied by using "Iyanden Darksun" (followed by a Highlight of "Moon Yellow") on a "German Grey" Base.
After That i added some small Windows by using "Black"

Well, this is the Result so far! In the second (and last) Part of this Tutorial i show the Painting of the reamaining Part (the Part on which the bracket is sticking) , Painting of the Flightstand and the finishing Details....

Hope you like it so far.....